The first mission

It strikes me as interesting that the idea for this blog came to me on the uptown #3 train this morning. I saw a woman reading Isabel Allende’s “La Casa de los Espíritus” in the original Spanish. I will never know if Spanish is her native language but I immediately thought: “how wonderful that she has attained a skill and that she uses her free time to refine it–practice it.” I believe the normal people call this a “hobby.”

I’ve been searching for the right balance in my life–a place where I feel fulfilled in my work, loved in my intimate relationships, restored by my personal recreational pursuits and on the path to my own particular version of enlightenment. I have yet to find it. The thought that I never will is almost debilitating. However, this thought is useless. It is born, like most useless thoughts, from idle hands.

Back to the #3 train. Reflecting on this woman reading Allende, I thought of a film (naturally). The true meaning of a line that I had always loved was now clear to me. “Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad.” Actually, I thought of two films. I thought: “that’s it–I’ll be like that woman in Julie & Julia.” Brilliant.

Why 15 days? Why blog about it? The “answers” will be in scarce supply on this blog. I am sorry, my friend. This is more of an “observations” sort of place. I will say that more than a week means you’ve done something for enough time such that you might be able to say something somewhat insightful about it. Also, I think I will be more likely to stick to it if I’m beholden to you, dear blog. You’ll be like my imaginary friend to whom I am accountable.

The first 15-day mission will be yoga.


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